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Middle East Insulation was established in the year 1993 in Dubai, UAE. MEI is one of the leading manufacturers of Cladding System. MEI is working closely with all the customers to produce partnership that builds a successful and profitable business. MEI has a reputation for quality product, using it as a tool for professionalism.

The reliability on a product is of top priority in [...]

MEI 32/250 Steel Single Skin|<p align="justify">
Single Skin Panels are available in|http://www.mei-uae.com/|14 Insul Phen|<p align="justify">
RESOLCO INSULATION LLC are the sole|http://www.mei-uae.com/|20 BAAB Doors|<p align="justify">
BAAB Door is a cost effective so|http://www.mei-uae.com/|56 ROLLTECH Rolling Shutter|<p align="justify">A cost effective solution to meet th|http://www.mei-uae.com/|47 Fire Rated Rolling Shutter|<b>FIRE RATED SHUTTER DOOR</b>
<br><p align="justify"|http://www.mei-uae.com/|68 Insul PUR|<p align="justify">
Polyurethane which was invented aro|http://www.mei-uae.com/|66 Insul PIR and PU B2|<p align="justify">
<b>Rigid polyurethane (PU B2) and p|http://www.mei-uae.com/|64 Calcium Silicate Insulation|<p align="justify">
RESOLCO CALCIUM SILICATE is a calci|http://www.mei-uae.com/|67 FORT Frames|<p align="justify">
FORT has a complete line of frames |http://www.mei-uae.com/|89 MEI 32/250 PU Insulated Panel|<p align="justify">Sandwich Panels are available in Alu|http://www.mei-uae.com/|76 MEI Slip Joint System |<p align=”justify”>
Slip Joint is a well organized |http://www.mei-uae.com/|80 KALZIP<sup>®</sup> STANDING SEAM|</P>
 <p align="justify">
<b>Kalzip<sup>®</sup> system|http://www.mei-uae.com/|81 MEI Aluminium Composite Panel|<tr>
    <td><img src="../../../cms-images/comp_panel.j|http://www.mei-uae.com/|82  MEI Z Section FORT Vision Panel Door|<p align="justify">
Middle East Insulation LLC  manufac|http://www.mei-uae.com/|85 FORT Flush Door|<p align="justify">
Middle East Insulation LLC manufact|http://www.mei-uae.com/|86 FORT Louver Door|<p align="justify">
Middle East Insulation LLC manufact|http://www.mei-uae.com/|87
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Congratulations to Dr.Basim Abbas our Group Director , who has been appreciated by the American University of Sharjah for his exemplary work in producing a new testing Machine.

Appreciation From AUS
American University Of Sharjah
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